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CJ Bowry
Generosity Of Spirit Is Contagious

Founder of Sal's Shoes

DO Wales 2015
Running time: 34m 00s

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“There are 300 million children around the world for whom walking with shoes is a rarity. There are 58 million children around the world who are not in school. 29 million of those 58 million are not in school because they haven’t the means and in a lot of countries you can not go to school if you haven’t got shoes.”

CJ founded Sal's Shoes in late 2013 after being unable to find an organisation that could tell her where her young son Sal's donated outgrown shoes would end up walking again. Fast forward less than 18 months, and Sal's Shoes, equipped with a logo, a website, a Twitter account and a Facebook page,  has to date collected over 8,000 pairs of outgrown kids shoes and found them new feet in 8 countries worldwide, including in the UK.

Sal's Shoes has featured in The New York Times, The Daily Mail, The Independent on Sunday and CJ has just been nominated for an Asian Woman of Achievement Award 2015.


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