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Connie Johnson
Now Is All We Have

Activist, Mum and Sister

DO Australia 2015
Running time: 19m 14s

Filed in: Social Change


Terminally ill Connie Johnson starkly reminds us that we are all terminal – we just don’t know when it’ll happen. With humour, she explains how we should learn not to take the future for granted, even in the lightest of times.

Connie Johnson is a wife and mother of two young boys. She is sister to Samuel Johnson, the World’s most determined unicyclist.

At the age of 33, Connie was diagnosed with breast cancer – terminal, untreatable breast cancer, after having fought off 2 previous cancers earlier in her life.

At 12 she was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive bone tumour, and then at 22, she faced a tumour in her womb. Through early detection and effective treatments, she was able to overcome these cancers. This time is different, this time she will die of the disease, leaving her children behind.

In an effort to make her death meaningful, she set her brother Samuel, (a popular, fun loving, larrikin actor), the dare of a lifetime – to unicycle around Australia to raise money for breast cancer research. Together they established Love Your Sister and raised (to date) nearly $2m for breast cancer research, continuing their work and vowing not to give up until a cure is found.


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