Guy Watson | Stubbornness Is Underrated


Guy Watson
Stubbornness Is Underrated

Farmer and Founder of Riverford

DO Wales 2008
Running time: 31m 13s

Filed in: Food


Guy recounts through a brief history of the business and then explains why Riverford does what they do and the way they do it. He talks about their vegetable box scheme that started in 1993 as a means of escaping the grasp of the supermarkets and how it has grown to deliver to 25,000 households nationwide.

Guy was born and raised on Riverford Farm as one of five children. After a short spell working as a marketing consultant in London and New York he returned to the farm to start Riverford Organic Vegetables in 1986.

The business grew from three acres and a wheel barrow, to a business employing 400 staff with sales of £30 million.

Guy is an enthusiast for co-operation, collaboration and profit sharing. Growth is not everything; he has stated that Riverford will always be owned by those who supply or work within it and will never sell out.


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