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Matt Lane
Drink Better Beer

Founder of BeerBods

DO Wales 2015
Running time: 19m 13s

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“Beer makes us at Beer Bods happy. And happiness is healthiness.”

Start before you are ready. Matt founded BeerBods from the garden shed with a mortgage and growing family on the cards. He loves real beer and wants to share it with other people. BeerBods is now a gift to many happy subscribers who get to sip the latest and greatest beers at the same time each week.

Matt Lane is on a mission to get us drinking better beer and see if he can’t just shake up conventional business thinking in the process.

After attending the Do Lectures in 2012 Matt founded BeerBods, an online beer club, and subscription service. He had no business plan and no investment, he went about it all wrong.

BeerBods is currently four people, two dogs and over 3,000 customers with no plans to start doing things right.


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