Rose Styron | The Beauty Of Wisdom


Rose Styron
The Beauty Of Wisdom

Poet, journalist, and international human rights activist.

DO USA 2014
Running time: 41m 48s

Filed in: Social Change


“Rose is both a great thinker and a consummate do-er. Mother, friend, poet, journalist, and human rights activist, Rose has always cared for those close to her, captured the world she’s lived in through her poetry and other writings and tried to make it better through her human rights work. Her life and friendship are a gift to all those who know her, and I’m delighted that you have the chance to hear her story in her words. With that, I’m proud and honoured to introduce my friend, Rose Styron.”

Rose Styron is a poet, journalist, translator and international human rights, activist. She’s published four volumes of poetry (Viking, Rizzoli). She travelled widely for Amnesty International and other Human Rights organizations and has chaired PEN’s Freedom to Write Committee and the RFK Human Rights Award. In 2009 and 2010 Rose was a resident fellow at Harvard’s Institute of Politics, and is currently working on a new volume of poetry and a memoir.