David Lloyd Owen | Water's Seven Sorry Clichés


David Lloyd Owen
Water's Seven Sorry Clichés

Founder of Envisager

DO Wales 2010
Running time: 22m 27s

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Water is important. We have fought more wars over water than oil. How will we ensure we have enough of it in the future? How will we deal with our waste? Will it cost more than oil?

For the last twenty years, David Lloyd Owen has had a mind like water. His successful consultancy advises companies, institutions and governments on environmental, competitive and political drivers in water and wastewater management markets worldwide. He has written six books on water and wastewater along with hundreds of notes and articles on water, waste management and Clean Tech companies, markets and technologies. From being an environmental pioneer in the City in the 1980s he has spent the last decade in nearby Llangoedmor. His grand ambition (along with one day writing The Great City Novel) is to demonstrate that high-class urban water and sanitation services can both be affordable and financeable.


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