Will Rosenzweig | How To Practice The Art Of Wu-Wei


Will Rosenzweig
How To Practice The Art Of Wu-Wei

Founding CEO of The Republic of Tea   

DO Wales 2012
Running time: 19m 58s

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William, the founder of the Republic of Tea, gardener and entrepreneur, tells us how not doing will allow everything to fall in to place.

Will Rosenzweig is a mime, magician and master gardener.

As his day job, he serves as a partner of Physic Ventures, the first venture capital firm dedicated to investing in keeping people healthy. Will has been involved in growing more than 20 companies.

This year he is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Republic of Tea, where he was Minister of Progress and founding CEO.

Will served on the faculty at UC Berkeley for nearly a decade teaching social entrepreneurship and in 2010 was honoured with the Oslo Business for Peace Award, “the highest distinction... in the area of ethical business.”


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