Zach Smith | The Joy Of Making Something


Zach Smith
The Joy Of Making Something

Co-founder of MakerBot Industries

DO Wales 2011
Running time: 20m 46s

Filed in: Technology


Zach makes robots that make things. He is an early pioneer of 3D printers. A technology that will change how we make things. Zach talks about how we love making things. He believes that we all love to make things.

Zach Smith is a co-founder and the Director of R&D at MakerBot Industries which is a New York-based 3D printer manufacturer.

His work has pushed the boundaries of what is possible with low-cost, open-source 3D printing and MakerBot printers are leading the way in getting digital fabrication tools into the hands of normal people.

Zach was also instrumental in the creation of, an online community focused on designing and sharing open hardware designs for digital fabrication.


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