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CowShed 2023

Three life-changing days. Register interest below.
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The Future of Blockchain, in a CowShed.

We are the only blockchain conference operating proudly from a ₿arn.

100 Attendees. 15 Speakers.

A gathering of 100 curious people from all over the world to discuss, debate and unpack what the future of blockchain is.

All done in a beautiful pocket of the world.

11-14 May 2023. West Wales.

Topics & Contributors

Aside from blockchain, digital assets, and the future, there is no single theme to this event.

Confirmation bias is something we all fall prey too, so we are putting our opinions aside to try and create an unbiased conference that doesn't just focus on one area.

We will be covering topics from Bitcoin, Ethereum, macroeconomics, derivatives, the environment, gaming, art, regulation, CBDCs and more. This will be done through a mixture of talks and panels to discuss and debate key topics.

In addition, speakers will be holding interactive workshops for groups of 10-25, where they will be directly educating us plebs.

Speakers and moderators will be flying in from all over the world and most will be staying for the whole 3 days. They are world class and will be announced on our twitter page and listed below.

Warning! No previous qualifications are needed to attend this event. You simply need to be open-minded and curious.

If your opinions line up neatly with those of your friends and colleagues, they’re not your opinions.
— Naval Ravikant


Joseph Hall
Research and Interview Journalist at Cointelegraph
Research and interview journalist at Cointelegraph. Speaks four languages. Certified funny guy.
Founder of Coull
Irfon's was born in Llanwrtyd Wells the home of Sospan Fach, Bog Snorkeling and the Man vs Horse Race, basically the maddest and best village in the World... Leaving school with 2 failed A levels his career began when he left Wales for London. After successfully holding leadership roles at Dell and Computacenter, Irfon then joined Florida based CommerceQuest, from where he led the acquisition and running of six software companies across Africa a...
Bitcoin Analyst, Miner, Speaker, Author and Community Lead at Bitcoin Pioneers
Jason was working for Microsoft and advocating for the internet when it was still being attacked by the public.


Accounting and Tax Expert with Specialist Knowledge in Cryptoassets and Blockchain Tech
After 3 years working in traditional accounting, Jess was looking for a more forward-thinking and innovative sector. Like many of us, she started reading about crypto during the 2021 bubble but initially dismissed it due to the get rich quick mentality that was everywhere. However, the more she read about the underlying blockchain technology, the more excited she got about the space. Then in early 2022 she jumped on an opportunity to get into th...
Professor of Philosophy + Humanities, Specialising in Metaphysics and Epistemology
As a professor in metaphysics and epistemology, Troy Cross is a naturally curious guy and recognised the potential of Bitcoin way back in 2011. However, as a passionate environmentalist, he conflicted about its energy use. His early calculations led him to believe that Bitcoin’s energy use would become a large problem and he had mixed feelings about even holding it, let alone promoting it. But this started to change as he realised errors in his ...
VP of Research at The Block
Larry fell down the crypto rabbit hole back in 2016 whilst studying economics at university and decided to make his thesis more interesting by focusing it on Bitcoin. He noticed that people were either super cultish and ideological about Bitcoin, or super sceptical, and wanted to cut between the two by being more objective and rational. His thesis evaluated Bitcoin from an economic perspective and how it might fit into the global monetary system...
Founder of Bitcoin for Fairness, Podcaster, YouTuber and Author of (L)earn Bitcoin
Anita has always had a love for computers, and for over 20 years she worked in web development, e-commerce and online business. However, in an overly consumerist world, she felt little purpose in selling goods to people who didn't really need them. She initially dismissed Bitcoin back in 2011, as just another Paypal. However, in 2017 she came across a talk about blockchain, from an economics professor, and after taking a deep dive, realised that...
Bitcoin Entrepreneur and Researcher at the Ethereum Foundation
After completing a Mathematics degree at Cambridge University, Justin went on to utilise his talent by becoming a software engineer. In 2013, whilst working on a project in the financial sector, he came across Bitcoin, and it quickly took over his life. He saw Bitcoin as a breakthrough in computer science and could see the potential it had to rebuild 3 major pillars of the internet: Trust, Money and Law. He became obsessed and founded the Cambr...
Award-winning Game Developer, Investor and Blockchain Expert
Sillytuna is a game developer at heart. Before entering into crypto he ran an international award nominated boutique game production company called Tuna for over 15 years. Whilst running the studio, a customer requested to buy a game called Eufloria with Bitcoin. As someone who is always open to new ideas, Sillytuna took this as a queue to learn more about this strange new internet money. At the time the price of a single Bitcoin was $9. After...
Ex-Investment Manager at Bailie Gifford and Co-Author of Bitcoin is Venice
Back in 2014, aside from flipping burgers for minimum wage, Allen’s only ‘real job’ had been as a software engineer. He was studying a degree in maths and philosophy and was well read in Austrian economics. Naturally, this made him the perfect target for Bitcoin. However, it took a long time for him to appreciate the interplay of game theory and the physical workings of the system. Although he thought it was obviously interesting, even worth in...
Analyst at Arcane Research
Vetle’s crypto story starts in the most unusual of places. As a semi-professional road cyclist during his late teens, Vetle was at Benidorm for a training camp in 2017. The focus of the camp was volume; 2 weeks of back-to-back 6-hour days of cycling. It just so happened that one of his teammates was deeply into Bitcoin and saw Vetle as the perfect compatriot to challenge intellectually. Vetle had a deep interest in financial markets and was stud...
Founder of Trackd, Songbits, Tableau + Paythru
Building the future of music. “The Internet is for nerds, it will never make money for my business!” exclaimed Stelios Haji-Ioannou, founder of easyJet. It was 1996, and Russell Sheffield was trying to convince Stelios to build a website. No airline in Europe had built a transactional website yet, and Stelios had no plans to become the first. The internet was slow and clunky. A passing fad. Interesting, but most likely useless. According to m...
Fellow at the Bitcoin Policy Institute
Specialist in Renewable Energy and Environmental Studies. Margot learnt to code at the age of 8 and began freelance web-development work by the time she was 12. She dreamt of working for NASA and ended up becoming an intern as a robotics and computer science engineer at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory for 4 years. During this period she studied at 5 different universities (without dropping out) and ended up with a Master’s in both Physics an...
President of ScienceMagic.Studios + Ex-Senior Director of Digital Growth at Adidas
Just as things were getting serious at Adidas, Tareq Nazlawy quit. He was senior director of digital growth and was leading their web3 initiative. He quit because Bitcoin and crypto were dead. Only kidding... Let's rewind to late 2020. Bitcoin and Ethereum happened to be trading on a platform Tareq was buying stocks on, so he decided to do some research. He read The Bitcoin Standard and quickly fell down the rabbit hole. A few months later, t...
THE important stuff

“He that eateth well drinketh well, he that drinketh well sleepeth well he that sleepeth well sinneth not, he that sinneth not goeth straight through Purgatory to Paradise.” — William Lithgow (1582-1645)

Previous attendees of our events always rave about the food, and that is because it is freshly made on site with locally sourced produce by the best chefs in Wales.

All food and drinks are included in the ticket, so tea, coffee, beer, whisky, gin and wine will appear in your hands throughout the day.

You will be sleeping in tipi tents in comfy beds, and hot showers and a sauna are there for you to use at will.

Aside from talks, panels, and workshops by world-class speakers, your ticket also includes:


Luxury glamping in a tipi.


Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, freshly cooked with locally sourced ingredients.


Ground coffee. Loose leaf tea. Beer and wine to make you feel more than fine.

Live Music

Live music by talented musicians.

Power Hour

A morning swim, run, yoga or breath-work to get the brain fired up.


Hot showers to use at will, coupled with a luxury sauna with a view of the coast.

Intimacy Does Not Scale

We have been running events for the last 14 years and the one thing we have learned along the way is to never underestimate the importance of a small gathering of pioneers, mavericks and alternative thinkers.

In terms of events, bigger does not always mean better. We have learned how to do a 100-person event better than anyone on the planet. That is not us just saying that. That is what previous attendees say. And they have been to all the other events.

You won’t find any name badges. No trouser presses. No VIP areas. An ever present view of the sea. Talks that light a fire inside you. Local food cooked by talented chefs. Tea like you have never tasted before. Coffee from award winning baristas. And local beers brewed just down the hill.

Yes, it is in the middle of nowhere.
Yes, it is amazing.
No, you won’t want to leave.


As For Your Qs
Where actually is it?
How do I get there?
How can I get a ticket?
What if I can't afford it?

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