2 days
10-11 June 2023

DO Copenhagen

Join us for two days of inspiring talks and stories that nourish the senses, spark innovation and give a platform to quieter independent voices. Sign up to be the first to hear when tickets are available.
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Senses. Sustainability. Scandinavia. Stories.

What is DO Copenhagen?

The DO Lectures are coming to Scandinavia with two days of inspiring talks, workshops, mingling and refreshments for all the senses hosted at Skandinavisk’s secret courtyard in central Copenhagen.

Living more Scandinavian is not just about which part of the world you come from, it’s also how you think, how you treat others and the nature that surrounds you, and what you treasure. We believe a more Scandinavian approach to life offers a blueprint for a better future. DO Copenhagen aims to inspire, delight and set our guests off on a path of thinking about different ways to be.

Listen to meaningful personal stories never before told, enjoy Nordic meals with great looks and even better taste, learning sessions that take you on a journey through your senses and, through it all, a sense of Scandinavia to carry with you.

Who is it for?

  • Scandiphiles and those interested in Scandinavian culture, food and lifestyle
  • Green living advocates seeking inspiration
  • Entrepreneurs and change-makers looking for new business models and ways of thinking
  • Curious travellers who also want to visit 3 Days of Design or experience the World Architecture Capital of 2023
  • Midsummer, hygge and happiness junkies

Where will it take you?

From our courtyard in the heart of Copenhagen, we will take you on a journey around the different sensory aspects of life in Scandinavia and the Nordics.

Join us on a path to leave a lighter footprint, discover a new sense of purpose, and open your eyes to independent thinkers and behaviour, while taking in the scents of a Danish rose garden and exploring the tastes of the Scandinavian table.

With inspiring international and Scandinavian speakers, a Friday evening welcome reception and a Sunday afternoon finish, the event will help you discover Copenhagen, and leave you with a new view on the world.


Why Copenhagen?

Denmark’s capital city is the cosmopolitan heart of the Scandinavian region, a place where cobbled streets and cosy charm provide a canvas for progressive approaches to blending nature with society, and happiness with lifestyle.

During the event, we will get on our bikes to experience some of the city’s less famous landmarks while embracing its more famous quality of life, weaving a sense of exploration, education and play throughout with lectures that appreciate the importance of work/life balance. Eco-friendly local hotel partners in the city will cater for all visitor budgets with preferential rates, and other sensory friends of Skandinavisk will help keep you fed and entertained throughout.

Just prior to DO Copenhagen, 3 Days of Design, Northern Europe’s influential design festival, takes place in the city between 7-9th June. All year long, the city celebrates its status as UNESCO World Capital of Architecture with events and showcases. DO Copenhagen is designed to pair with one or both of these events, or the upcoming Midsummer celebration, to offer a rounded take on an extraordinary city.

Join us in one of the world’s happiest countries, in one of its most sustainable cities, for gentle thought provocation and sensory stimulation in the most charming, down-to-earth Danish fashion.

Find yourself in our secret courtyard

Steps from the famous ‘Borgen’ Danish parliament and the National Museum, Skandinavisk’s courtyard is a secret oasis in the heart of Copenhagen and the starting point for our weekend event. Enter a hidden sensory world where ivy crawls over historic brickwork and roses bloom in the silent, sunlit space. The secret courtyard is Skandinavisk’s HQ, and the heart of our operations as a creator of responsible fragrances from Scandinavia. You’ll experience thoughtfully designed and intimate lecture and workshop areas surrounding a generous flower-filled outdoor courtyard in which to enjoy the light and warmth of a Danish midsummer.

If there was anyone who knows how to create a magical touch that makes everyone feel special - it's the DO Lectures!

Chris Bellamy

It's some strange magic when an event can light up your mind, body and soul in equal measure, but that's what DO has delivered in abundance.

Catharine Pitt

If you get a chance to attend a DO event, it will change your life. I promise.

Russell Sheffield
Meet your hosts: Skandinavisk

Skandinavisk was started in 2012 by a curious English chap, Shaun, who fell in love with a blonde Scandinavian gardener and never left. He was joined by a second English emigrant, Gerry, who shared his love for Scandinavia and a Danish designer, Line, who captured their combined experiences and translated it all into a distinctive design DNA. Ten years later, their Scandinavian fragrance stories for body and home can be found at the world’s leading retailers.

A proud Certified B Corporation since 2019, Skandinavisk holds true to the Scandinavian, and stakeholder, principles of leaving no one behind by putting people, planet and profit at parity. Shaun is also the Chair of the Supervisory Board of the B Corp Beauty Coalition, and a Steward of B For Good Leaders, two collective action movements aiming to reinvent antiquated models of business and society.

Shaun and Line have previously been guests and contributors to DO events in the United Kingdom and are now looking forward to hosting the first ever ‘DO City’ event with the full support of David, Clare and the original DO team.


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