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Optimistic Rebels.

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An invitation to the other path.

Who is it for?

  • The optimistic rebels.
  • The big and the small.
  • Those who have been in business for decades.
  • Those who are just starting out.
  • Those who know culture comes from the heart, and not from a spreadsheet
  • Those who climbed to the top of their mountain, only to find they climbed the wrong mountain.
  • The underdogs who refuse to settle.

It’s for those who are done with business as usual.

What can I expect?

  • A unique online gathering.
  • See business through a whole new lens.
  • Explore 12 unique Principles over 4 weeks.
  • Enjoy 12 'Kindling' podcast conversations with a diverse and eclectic group of fascinating humans.
  • Join weekly live reflection sessions with Duke (expect surprises here!)
  • Connect with a global community of like-minded souls sharing unique perspectives
  • Learn how to apply the Principles to your brand.

Duke is an prototype. He walks into every encounter wearing woven textiles of authenticity, integrity and a deep concern for humanity. He speaks in a love language all his own.

Gina Warren / Former VP Diversity & Inclusion at NIKE and EVP People & Culture at lululemon

About Duke

Welcome to a new school of thought

Duke loves building bonfires with soul: powerful, emotionally charged brands that stand for something meaningful in the world.

Recently cited by Forbes as one of the top 50 Game-Changing CMO’s, Duke has spent the last 30+ years helping to build iconic global brands (NIKE, Seventh Generation, lululemon).

In addition, he has served in BOD and mentor roles with The Biomimicry Institute, 21c Hotels, Unreasonable Group, Healthy Child Healthy World and Love Your Brain. A lover of nature, slow food, horsemanship and yoga, Duke and his family live on a small ranch in idyllic Ojai, CA along with horses, dogs, cats and chickens.

12 unique principles

The heartbeat of Bonfire With Soul

Duke wants us to see business through a whole new lens. Bonfire with Soul is built around 12 unique Principles, explored over 4 weeks. Each principle is then bought to life through additional podcast conversations with a diverse and eclectic group of fascinating humans.
Product is a Mirror Into Your Soul
It all starts here. If the product is not great, it stops here too. The thing you are building is a reflection of your soul and values.
Widen the Lens
The concept of competition is an archaic thought. The simple act of expanding the aperture for how you look at life opens up a new world of possibility.
Live Empathy
Before connection comes empathy. Abundance comes when we understand the essence of things.
It Begins Inside
The most important audience you need to ignite is your internal culture. Invest here and then go external. Inspire and empower your people.
The Beauty of Not Knowing
What if your job wasn't to create the magic, but the create the conditions for the magic to happen? When you invite the unknown, you are free.
Soil is Life
Creating the conditions for magic to happen requires a diverse set of ingredients. The most bountiful soil is rich in diversity. This is no different from a team.
Inspiration vs Desperation
Where the focus goes, the energy flows. Stay attuned to your chosen response. It is the only thing you can control.
See. Feel. Trust
Time and energy spent on seeing is priceless. When we see, we feel, and ultimately, this leads to trustime and energy spent on seeing is priceless. When we see, we feel, and ultimately, this leads to trust. .
Do Nothing
Important that we not confuse activity with productivity. Let others be busy. Be still. Be quiet. Do more by doing less.
Honesty vs Perfection
Effortless loyalty comes when there is a culture of honesty... inside and out. A team is built when vulnerability is nurtured. Give honest a hug.
Trust Breeds Magic
Empowerment is the ultimate elixir for a vibrant culture. Know this: you can fly here. Trust is the wings.
Dare to Suck
Nurture a culture that embraces glorious mistakes. How can we invite possibility when we play it safe? Go to the edge, your best ideas live there.

A reframe on how to think about business. Not so much a course, but a series of questions to grapple with and find the answers for yourself.

2020 Course Attendee

One of the more meaningful and profoundly impactful things I’ve listened to, watched, and learned from in a very long time. Incredibly inspiring.

2020 Course Attendee

...A reminder that good shit really does exist in the world.

2020 Course Attendee

While most courses are about drilling down, Bonfire with Soul is about opening up. This course will change you.

2020 Course Attendee

Duke's been around the block and understands that business isn't about spreadsheets and conventional ways to operate. It's about healthy engagement of employees and customers through creativity, moral ethics and wonder.

2020 Course Attendee

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Is this course mine for life?
I’d like my team to do this course - how do I go about that?
30 day guarantee

If for some reason it’s not everything you expected, let us know within 30 days of the start of the course and we’ll refund you every penny. No questions asked.


Live virtual
4 weeks
Coming soon
Live virtual
4 weeks
Coming soon
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