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DO Deal - London Workshop

Negotiate Better. Find hidden value. Enrich Relationships.
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Negotiate Better. Find hidden value. Enrich Relationships.

We negotiate constantly. In work, and in life. As we try to get the ‘best deal’, it can feel like a tug of war – without the fun. Yet what if the process was more collaborative, and even laid the foundations for a strong future relationship?

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is meticulously crafted for creatively-minded professionals navigating the dynamic landscapes of business, keen on refining their negotiation acumen. Whether the idea of honing these skills has previously seemed daunting or merely slipped through the cracks, this is your avenue to build confidence and mastery.

What will I learn?

  • Understanding the conceptual framework of modern negotiation.
  • Lessons which can be learned from the music business.
  • Practical toolkit which anyone can use to improve their negotiation skills.
  • Improve confidence through collaboration and creativity when deal-making.
  • The importance of preparation.
  • Trust and integrity.
  • Harnessing empathy.
  • Why relationships are paramount.

What kind of negotiator are you?

We will ask you to complete a short questionnaire, based on the work of leading academics in this field, which should accurately determine how you score in 5 key negotiation traits:

  1. Collaborating
  2. Compromising
  3. Competing
  4. Avoiding
  5. Accommodating
Workshop outline

How does the day look?

  • Introduction - Defining the topic of negotiation.
  • What kind of negotiator are you? - Dissecting your results from the questionnaire to illustrate the type of negotiator you are. What do those traits mean in practice, and how do we all need to learn to adapt and hone certain aspects, depending on the situation and our negotiation counterparts?
  • The importance of preparation - Looking at ways in which you can ensure the result you’re looking for, before even setting foot in the negotiating room. Using the latest take on established negotiation principles.
  • Role-playing and case studies - Applying a simple 2-team role-playing exercise using the “prisoner dilemma” game theory examples, to highlight the importance of trust/collaboration and communication.
  • Trust and integrity - Using the results of the previous exercise to consider the heightened importance of trust and integrity in what can feel like an increasingly short-term business landscape.
  • Lunch break - Tea, coffee and lunch are provided.
  • Harnessing empathy - Looking at the work popularised by former FBI chief negotiator Chris Voss, in using what he terms “tactical empathy” to unlock tricky negotiations and why hostage negotiation techniques whilst powerful, aren’t always the best tool for the job.
  • Relationships are paramount - Why long-term working relationships can prove key to unlocking the hidden value in negotiations.
  • Debrief and wrap-up - Reflect on the exercises, and discuss key takeaways and areas for improvement.
Your coach

Who's running it?

Richard Hoare
Lawyer and Founder of Hoare Associates
Richard, a lawyer working within the music industry, runs Hoare Associates, which he established five years ago after a decade working at Clintons. Based in Somerset, they maintain an extremely high quality and diverse roster that currently includes AJ Tracey, Kelis and Glastonbury Festival. He is a graduate of Harvard Business School’s ‘Negotiation Mastery’ programme. Richard has decades of negotiation and music business experience and a reputa...

You can’t put a price on the value that DO brings you. It’s exceptional.

Sally Wolff
What to expect

Workshop features

Negotiate Better
Our approach resonates deeply with individuals eager to transcend their perceived shortcomings and fully embrace their unique negotiation style. We believe in the transformative power of understanding and leveraging one's inherent strengths and areas of improvement in negotiations.
Find Hidden Value
Join us, as we chart a course through the harmonious confluence of music and negotiation, designed to reveal hidden values and enrich relationships in the professional sphere.
Enrich Relationships
Regardless of your current level of expertise, there's an undiscovered realm of potential waiting to be explored; because the journey to negotiation mastery is continuous and we can ALL amplify our abilities to negotiate better and foster enriching relationships.

Where it takes place

Starting at 9.30 am until 4.30 pm // Cancellation Policy: In case you can't attend, we will offer a full refund up to 7 days before the workshop starts. After that, you will have to find someone to take your place.
Cecil Sharp House
Where: 2 Regent's Park Rd, London NW1 7AY
When: Friday 24th November 2023

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What do I need to bring?
What time does the workshop start and finish?
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1 Day
1 Day
DO Deal - London Workshop
Richard HoareBusiness
We negotiate constantly. In work, and in life. As we try to get the ‘best deal’, it can feel like a tug of war – without the fun. Yet what if the process was more collaborative, and even laid the foundations for a strong future relationship?

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