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Do Pause

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The Power of Pause.

A pause is a wonderful thing. It gives you the ability to do so many things. To re-set your day. Your energy flow. Your attention.

Over-looked in these Amazon Prime days, the importance of it cannot be stressed enough.

It allows you to regain control of your time. To rectify the work-life balance. To find your own rhythm to follow rather than being swept up in the current. (That happens easily. I know.)

Now is the time to take back your time. And that is what this workshop will do.

Rob will show you that there is no one single way to pause. There are a variety of ways. You will work through pauses that last seconds, minutes, hours.

The magic of Rob's workshop is that not only does he teach you these techniques for how to pause, but when.

And there is plenty of time to live those pauses during the session, to get comfortable with them, and to learn which ones work best for you.

There is gold in Rob's teachings. He has a special energy. It is calming and productive all at once. That is rare.

This workshop will change your life and let you reclaim back your time.

Now, that is something worth doing.

Learn how to compose a life,
not just manage your time.

“Stress is doing something you don’t care about with time that you do.”

What will you learn?

  • Why pausing matters.
  • Why we find it hard to pause - what it is that gets in the way.
  • Lots of different kinds of pause and examples of pause.
  • How pause works at different levels of scale - moments, minutes, hours, days, weeks and longer.
  • How to design pause into your life and work.

This workshop is for you if:

  • You feel your time is out of your own control.
  • You find that the idea of work/life balance doesn’t work for you.
  • You want to create a more satisfying rhythm for yourself.
  • You want some practical ideas about how to pause.
  • You feel there must be ways to get more out of your life, not just work harder.

This workshop helped me to redefine the awareness for a break. There are so many ways to make a pause... to gain new strength or to act more powerfully in a certain situation.

Marco Hahn

A unique experience. This workshop has changed the way I perceive time. It helps me to listen to myself and to make more conscious decisions.

Christelle Olalde

Great workshop, doing a Pause for more motivation and energy is a very good and helpful thing. I had a great experience with the group and with myself during the very exciting games! Rob rocked it.

Christian Krohn

Most self-help guides give you tips to cram more into your life. But DO Pause will ensure the reverse - that you get more out of your life. Pressing the pause button is the key to being happier and healthier

Past attendee

Really enjoyed the mix of different perspectives and disciplines riffing around the idea of "pause", and always with an eye to how we might practically integrate some of these habits and approaches"

Past attendee

After months of working on overdrive, our team needed a real break. DO Pause was an amazing opportunity, not just for taking a break, but for playfully learning how and when to take them.

Clarisa Doval

A pause helps us to achieve. It improves performance and creativity. Disconnecting is actually about connecting with yourself and others. How valuable a break like this workshop can be to help us understand the importance of a pause!

Carlos Valerio

Meet your coach

Robert Poynton
Founder of On Your Feet
Rob designs and facilitates workshops and retreats, in which he uses ideas from improv theatre to help people (and organisations) respond creatively to complexity and change. He believes in playing around with things (and people) rather than trying to control them. He thinks we can learn from and even enjoy uncertainty, rather than dread it. In April 2020, together with Alex Carabi, he invented a virtual ‘counter-space' called Yellow. And in th...
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1 day
Online workshop
Coming soon
1 day
Online workshop
Coming soon
DO Pause
Robert PoyntonWellbeing
A pause is a wonderful thing. It gives you the ability to do so many things. To re-set your day. Your energy flow. Your attention. Not only will Rob teach you multiple techniques for how to pause, but when. This workshop will change your life and let you reclaim back your time.

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