3 days
Summer 2024

Words of Mouth.

A 3-day Writing Masterclass.
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Dear fellow founders, company of ones, and all those who are yet to take the leap, but just need that last final kick in the shins.

Buckle up because this will get you to rethink one unsung hero of your job. Perhaps, the biggest factor between success and failure.

Every brand is in the story business.


  • Most brands don’t get it.
  • Some knock it out of the park.
  • Founders who tell their story well, win.

Now, you would think founders pay attention to this one skill, but most dismiss it.

They prefer ‘build it, and they will come.’

They build it. They don’t come. They fail. Harsh. But it happens every day.

The founder did not tell the story, so it mattered. That is how you can win.

Story is never the biggest thing about a product.

Salt is never the biggest ingredient of any dish. But when it is missing, even a little bit, the whole thing falls flat.

Story is salt.

It makes our senses come alive.

And our brands.

The Big Mistake.

Founders say this all the time: I need to find our voice.

And they are wrong about it all the time. Here is why:

  • You find your car keys.
  • You find the dog lead.
  • You find your bag in the car that had looked everywhere for.


You don’t find your voice.

Because you never lost it.

It is always there. It is within you. It is you.

The pain point is: Will you let it come out?

In short, can you get out of your own way? And what do you need to do differently to release the handbrake on you?

Fear Kills Voice.

How come close friends know you have a wicked sense of humour? How come you can give a talk to a small crowd, but not a huge one? How come you are letting others win when you know you are better?

Telling your story so another human feels it is all about letting go.


  • They will judge me.
  • They will say snarky remarks.
  • They will make me want to curl up into a little ball and cry.

Yup. And more. On the flip side, those people whom you will never meet and whose opinions you seem to care so much about, won’t care enough about you to come to your funeral.

Telling your story better is 20% about improving capabilities. You don’t have to be Shakespeare, for soothsakes.

80% is learning not to give a sh*t.

The Lesson?

If this were an easy thing to do…you would have done it by now.

My 3-day writing Masterclass called ‘Words of Mouth’ understands the real work is on releasing the handbrake on you.

This is not for dabblers. As Wonder pets say: This is sewios.

As difficult as the work will be, on the other side of it is knowing that you can then have a cut through year.

Because, at last, people begin to hear you for the first time. The vibration shifts. And they can feel it.

And you leave struggle for the last time. And never return.
Hope you can make it.

How the 3 days unfold?

You will work in pairs. Different pairs each day.

It won’t be just listening to inspiration or capabilities.

This will be you having to pitch ideas, write the words with a crazy deadline. Don’t worry it is a small group of just 30.

And after the first awkward hour, everyone will relax. We are all here to help each other.

Of course, there will be a part of you that hates it. That is the part of you that wants to stay as you are. This won’t be easy work. But it is the work that will bring you the results you have always wanted.

Day 1. You versus You?

1. Routine. How to play the long game?

2. Identity. Is the past driving the future?

3. How to use peaks and valleys to your advantage?

4. How to focus on looking after your energy?

5. How to master time?

6. How to let go of what others think?

7. How the busy head gives you shallow ideas?

Day 2. Amplify Your Voice.

1. The journey from unknown to known.

2. How to become more YOU.

3. How to write to the heart? The decision maker.

4. How to gain influence.

5. How to get consistent?

6. Role models. And how we can learn from them.

7. Pitch hour.

Day 3. How to use all this to grow your business?

1. How to launch?

2. How to grow your list?

3. How to pick your platform?

4. How to sell? And still feel good.

5. How to test like a pro?

6. How to use writing frameworks to guide you?

7. How to enjoy the ride?

A DO Masterclass is more than a course, it’s a manifesto to a better way, a better way of working, living, learning and thinking.


It's some strange magic when an event can light up your mind, body and soul in equal measure, but that's what the DO Lectures have delivered here in abundance.

Catherine Pitt

Incredible content, knowledgeable speakers and food and drink worthy of a fine restaurant.

Lucy Bunce

Those 3 days in Wales will stay in my heart forever. Thank you.

Claire Perry-Louise

I arrived with a tiny voice and left singing.

Heather Golding

Simply the best practical learning I have done. I think this is just a beginning of a beautiful exchange of ideas, problem-solving, and successes.

Plus plenty more
Fresh & Local Food
Great Wine and Award-Winning Coffee
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Who's running it

David Hieatt
Co-Founder of The DO Lectures and Hiut Denim
David Hieatt has built brands from nothing with next to nothing, just by understanding a few basic rules of how to sell his story. One sentence at a time. Bankrupt at 16 and thrown out of college at 18. He joined Saatchi and Saatchi at 21. Had a ball. But after a decade or so, he left advertising to go back to Wales and build his own brands. He started howies in 1995. Sold it to Timberland. Left. Started The DO Lectures, which was voted one of ...

Where it takes place

The DO Farm
Where: Cardigan, Wales, SA43 1JY
When: Summer 2024

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30 day guarantee

If for some reason it’s not everything you expected, let us know within 30 days of the start of the event and we’ll refund you every penny. No questions asked.


3 days
Summer 2024
3 days
Summer 2024
Words of Mouth
David HieattCreativity
Finding your voice is the most powerful thing you can do to help you grow your business. The way to find it is through clarity. I am going to give you that. And the self-confidence to share it. It’s time to stop playing small.

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