Our story

Don't just stand there,

DO s0mething

The DO Lectures is an encouragement network for the creative underdog. Our goal is to inspire you and help you reach your potential. It’s that simple. It’s why we do the DO.

We are here to help you get from where you are now, to where you could be.

Between those two points is one of life’s great journeys. But the sad truth is most people don’t go on it. They stay where they are. Get settled. Stuck in the same routine. Even though life could be so much more.

Now, it’s true, that journey is not an easy one. Nothing great ever was. And on it you might have to face your fears. But for those brave enough, there are always new things to be learned. New people to meet. New ideas that might just change how you think.

But in order to think different and be different, you have to do things different. You have to listen different, you have to eat different. You have to read different and play different. Watch different, meet different, travel different. And even then you have to keep on doing different.

That’s not easy.

And it’s possible you might fall along the way.

But you just might fly too.


Over 380 pieces of gold. For the world to share. For free.

DO exists to help you get from where you are now to where you could be. Our talks will help you make that journey. There is gold here. Stories with heart, ideas and insight. These talks can be your mentor. Some have been watched over 150 million times.

The stories shared at DO always bear witness to what’s happening in the world at large. They are told by some of the most progressive DOers and disruptors of our times. But even so they don’t paint perfect pictures. They are raw, honest and vulnerable. Human. Like us all.

And they are free. No advertising, no sponsorships, no hidden agendas. Just incredible, inspiring talks.

Our speakers

Head shifters and heart shapers

The idea is a simple one. We gather together the world’s great DOers, disruptors and changemakers, have them share their hearts and stories, and encourage others to go and DO amazing things too.

It’s been an incredible journey, and over the years many great mavericks and masters have stepped foot on the DO stage to tell their tales. From craftsmen to technologists, digital entrepreneurs to food champions. All are challengers of thought. Provokers of debate. Firestarters, risk-takers and gamechangers.

But most of all they are human. And we challenge them as we challenge you. We ask them to give the talk of their lives. One they haven’t done before. One that makes them open up and be vulnerable. That shares pain as well as progress. Heart and hope, as well as ideas and insight.

So, not easy. But then, our speakers have never settled for easy.


Exciting things happen on the edge

Our home is on the far edge of west Wales. On an old dairy farm, perched on a hill, overlooking Cardigan Bay. From here you can see the end of the River Teifi as it spills out into the Irish Sea. It’s been a long time since the farm actually worked as a farm. So we turned it into The Ideas Farm. Now it feeds dreams, not cows.

Our home is far from everywhere. And it is also far from perfect. But there’s something to be said about being on the edge. On the fringe. Away from the mainstream. It brings about a sense of deeper connection. Of optimism. Of tranquility. Of abundance. The possibility of a different world. And in the space that the edge creates, great things often happen.

But first, you have to make the journey. Leave London. Head west for five hours. Stop when you hit water. Sounds simple. But there is no easy way to get here.

And when you do, you will find it even harder to leave.


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