Curated gatherings that will inspire you to DO

Each year we invite some of the world’s most magical minds to share their stories with us. These are intimate events. Full of heart and great ideas. For those who attend, they are life-changing.
DO exists to help you reach your potential. Our events are at the heart of that journey. You will meet incredible people. You will laugh. You will cry. And you will never be the same again.

The idea is a simple one. We gather together the world’s great DOers, disruptors and changemakers, have them share their hearts and stories, and encourage others to go and DO great things too.

We began over fourteen years ago. They were humble times. Now our events have a global reputation. At DO, some of the most progressive visionaries and thinkers of our times have told the stories of their lives. And those stories have helped to change other people’s lives.

Our events are intimate and magical. They always will be. We believe it builds a better community. But that means not everyone can attend. So instead we film the talks and share them with the world. For free.


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DO Wales
Wales, 2024

If you get a chance to attend a DO event, it will change your life. I promise.

Russell Sheffield

It's some strange magic when an event can light up your mind, body, and soul in equal measure. But that's what DO delivers in abundance. I left feeling challenged, inspired, and wishing it hadn't ended.

Catharine Pitt

When I look back on my life, those 3 days in Wales will be one of the experiences I'll be incredibly grateful for. The people I met, the conversations I had, and the parts of my jigsaw puzzle I uncovered there, will stay in my heart forever.

Claire Perry-Louise

I feel I will look back on my first ever DO event as one of the last stages of some sort of chrysalis. Emerging with a new voice and clarity. I arrived with a tiny voice and left singing.

Heather Golding

Immeasurably influential.

Penny Framen


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