Ideas + Energy = Change

Having an idea is one thing. But to actually go out there and make it happen? That takes something else.
What you dream is what you DO. (So dream big.)

We tell ourselves we are capable of very little. And it is a lie. And like all lies, if we tell it to ourselves enough, it becomes a truth. We convince ourselves that this is all we can achieve.

And the problem with that is we strive for that small dream thinking it’s the big dream, and over time we reach it. We pat ourselves on the back. Good job. But all we have done is reach our easy target, nowhere near our full potential. Not even close.

The DO Lectures is here to stretch that dream back to where it should be. To get you to dream big again. Because big is what you are capable of.

And that is the truth you should be telling yourself. That is your truth.

Once you realise that, it will change your life.

The DO Lectures started as a small weekend event in Wales for just 40 people. Over fourteen years it has evolved and grown. There have been DO Lectures events in America and Australia. There are over 380 talks online, providing free education and inspiration for the thousands who visit our website. It hosts regular workshops to help people in business and life. It has inspired the creation of the DO Book Co. that publishes useful and practical books by individuals who have spoken at DO.

And perhaps the biggest success of all is the community that has built up around it.

Got a question, or even an idea you want to share?

At DO we are all about community. So whether you have questions, queries or even curiosities, do drop us a line. We will be happy to help. But if you don’t hear right back, just bear with us. We will not forget you. To us you are important, and we promise to get there in the end.

We always DO.

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