Our in-person workshops are hosted by industry game-changers and visionaries. So join our community to learn and grow together.

We are here to help you. You are here to help each other.

Lean in and learn together
We are all on different journeys and can learn from one another. Here, we curate the space and the expertise. Then you bring the energy and together you find the answers.
Clarity through community
Our workshops are fully interactive. They are designed by experts to give you confidence, clarity and certainty. All the tools you need to reach your destination.
Expect to change
New perspectives bring new ideas. New ideas bring change. Change is a good thing. But not everyone is ready for it. Are you?
Don't miss out

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Latest workshops

The 7 Rules of Newsletters - London Workshop
David HieattBusiness

If you get a chance to attend a workshop, it will change your life. I promise.

Russ Sheffield

I have never done anything that has had such an impact on me in such a short space of time.

Tom Barnes

You can’t put a price on the value a DO workshop brings you. It’s exceptional.

Sally Wolff
WORKSHOPS for teams

When you come together, you can achieve the impossible

It’s a fact. Strong teams always achieve more. Far more than any collection of individuals ever will. However strong they are. Because together you mean more. Together you can beat the odds. You can punch way above your weight. Find strength in the pack.

At DO, we can help you build a better team. However large or small. Whether online or in-person. And we can tailor our workshops to you, offering both multiple places or exclusive cohorts.

So simply get in touch. Then let’s build something great together.


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