Win With Email

Win With Email



There is gold here.

This is the first time we have sold our two Email courses together (Email for Growth and 5 Emails to Growth) but for the price of just one.  There is so much gold here. If you purchase this, you will transform your business and your life. Through email. It is the most successful sales tool there is. And it’s free.


Course insight

These courses are built on a decade of building businesses with an email newsletter. The key is to understand is there is a human being on the other side of your email. You are in the relationship business, not just the selling business. That strategic wisdom changes everything.

Meet your coach, David Hieatt.

Leaving school at 16 to open a market stall selling sneakers taught David the importance of sales (and a good pair of shoes). On a good day he had money to buy enough petrol to get home. On a bad day with no sales, he walked. At 21, he joined Saatchi and Saatchi. There, David learnt to take risks from Paul Arden, one of the true mavericks of advertising. He was taught to trust his instinct. And to fight to make his ideas happen.

In 2001, he moved back to Wales and created howies, a clothing company that was heralded as the Patagonia of the UK for action sports. After selling it to Timberland, he co-founded the The DO Lectures, a globally acclaimed ideas festival and online platform, with an audience of millions. More recently David has created Hiut Denim Co, a jeans company that is helping to bring the jeans industry back to Cardigan in Wales. A town that used to have Britain's largest jeans factory.

David has spoken at Apple, Google, Red Bull and many other top companies and events. He is also the author of DO Purpose: Why brands with a purpose do better and matter more, and DO Open: How a simple email newsletter can transform your business (and it can).



Course Benefits

  • 10+ Hours of Video Lessons.
  • Actions and Exercises.
  • A digital workbook to download.
  • Bonuses.


Course Outline

Course Introduction - A quick overview of what to expect. Short and sweet.
Module 0 -
Module 1 -
Build it.
Module 2 -
Grow it.
Module 3 -
Launch it.
Module 4 -
Run it.
Q&A -
Here we'll answer some burning questions.


Course Benefits

  • There are six lessons.
  • Course breakdown:
    • 6 hours of video lessons.
    • 6 hours of recorded Q&A.
    • Free Access to our online ‘Email For Growth’ course.
  • Plus scripts, frameworks and the numbers from actual launch emails.
  • You can watch the course in your own time, and it is yours for life.


Course Outline

Each lesson will show you how each email works and why.
The 6 lessons will cover the five different launches. And the one key strategy that underpins them.

Lesson 1 - The Magic of Before.
Lesson 2 -
£10k Launch. I Need To Pay This Bill Launch.
Lesson 3 -
£25k Launch. 1 Day Launch.
Lesson 4 -
£100k Launch. 1 Week Launch.
Lesson 5 -
£250k Launch. 12 Week Launch.
Lesson 6 -
The Direct Offer Launch. One Persuasive Sentence.


What will I learn from these courses?

  • How to transform your business and your life.
  • How to stay in control of your time
  • How to grow your tribe
  • Why giving makes you stronger
  • And makes you stand out.


Who are these courses for?

  • Companies of 1
  • Companies of 100
  • People who are struggling to sell their product
  • People who feel they have plateaued with their mailing lists
  • People on a tight budget - email is free!
  • Marketeers
  • Freelancers 



"So much gold in every recording."

"Totally hooked. It's already completely transformed my approach to email marketing."

"I can't thank you enough for the light you have shone on the mysteries of email marketing. It has given me the confidence to be more proactive in both my consulting marketing plus also my passion side project."

"A welcomed growth opportunity…."

"The courses I’ve taken this year have fundamentally changed how I view what and how I do what I do. A hearty thank you."


1. What if I only have a small community on my mailing list?
No problem. An engaged community is far more important than its size. But we will show you how to grow your tribe.

2. What if I buy this bundle and don’t see the value?
There is so much gold in both these courses. Over a decade’s worth. But. We are here to help our community and provide incredible value. So if this course wasn’t right for you, then we will give you a full refund up to 30 days after purchase. No questions asked.

3. I’m not very techy - will I be able to handle this?
Most definitely! Our online courses are hosted on their own website and are super simple to navigate. You will be sent the log in details automatically. Simply enter them and you are good to go!

4. When will I have access to the courses?
Straight away. And they're yours for life!

5. Will there be templates and examples I can download?

6. I’ve already done the Build a Brand and Keyboard CEO courses. How are these ones different?

These are completely standalone courses. They will take you step by step through various launches and, importantly, give you real-life examples of how and why these work.

7. Why you, David Hieatt?
David’s newsletters are recognised worldwide. He has grown several very successful companies through them. And has more than 10 years experience writing them. You’re in good hands.

8. I don't have a mailing list yet. Is this bundle suitable for me?
Yes. Email for Growth teaches you all the way from the basics of starting, building and growing your mailing list, then you can chrome back later for the advanced tactics and techniques taught in 5 Emails to Growth.

I’d like my team to do this course.
Great - spread the love! Drop us an email on and we’ll work something out. 


30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

If for some reason it’s not everything you expected, let us know within 30 days of purchase and we’ll refund you every penny. No questions asked.