Jess Insall

Accounting and Tax Expert with Specialist Knowledge in Cryptoassets and Blockchain Tech

After 3 years working in traditional accounting, Jess was looking for a more forward-thinking and innovative sector. Like many of us, she started reading about crypto during the 2021 bubble but initially dismissed it due to the get rich quick mentality that was everywhere. However, the more she read about the underlying blockchain technology, the more excited she got about the space.

Then in early 2022 she jumped on an opportunity to get into the crypto accounting space with Steedman & Co and has been learning as much as she can since.

Whilst at the Edinburgh Bitcoin conference we were chatting to the guys over at Liquid Markets. They are building a cool project that allows you to trade stocks on top of Bitcoin through the Liquid Network and were raving about how good one of their accountants was.

That accountant was Jess!

Jess sees the troubles that many of her clients have with tax and sticking to the regulations, because they aren’t even aware of what the laws are. Everyone in Bitcoin and crypto have a tendency to be almost too idealistic and forget about whether or not they are breaking the law, which can come back to bite us if we are not careful.

If Bitcoin and crypto wants to go mainstream, we all need to work with regulators, not against them. As a crypto accountant it’s her job to help investors and businesses do this. Behind the scenes of any great business is a great accountant who can sort out their finances.

Given the recent events, Jess’s knowledge has become even more valuable, and we are blessed that she will be doing a more practical talk and workshop at CowShed, helping us stay in line with the laws and regulations, so we can focus on building the future.


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