Kitty Tait

Head Baker at The Orange Bakery

Kitty Tait was a chatty, bouncy and full-of-life 14-year-old until she was overwhelmed by an ever-thickening cloud of depression and anxiety. Her life changed overnight and she withdrew from the world. Her desperate family tried everything to help her but she slipped further away from them.

One day her Dad, Al, who was a teacher, baked a loaf of bread with her. That small moment changed everything. One loaf escalated into an obsession and Kitty started to find her way out of the terrible place she was in. Baking bread was the one thing that made sense to her and before long she was baking loaves for half her village.

And she didn’t stop at bread. Learning from other bakers, reading books, and trusting her instinct for what makes the ordinary extraordinary, Kitty began to take her baking in a whole new direction. Demand for Kitty’s loaves, buns, cookies and brownies grew, and over a few whirlwind months she and her Dad (who at 50 reimagines himself as a baker, not a teacher) opened The Orange Bakery, where queues now regularly snake down the street.


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