Larry Cermak

VP of Research at The Block

Larry fell down the crypto rabbit hole back in 2016 whilst studying economics at university and decided to make his thesis more interesting by focusing it on Bitcoin. He noticed that people were either super cultish and ideological about Bitcoin, or super sceptical, and wanted to cut between the two by being more objective and rational.

His thesis evaluated Bitcoin from an economic perspective and how it might fit into the global monetary system. He was immediately offered jobs because of it and soon became a research analyst at Diar where his passion and talent for data didn’t go unnoticed. He rose to head analyst after 6 months, before moving to The Block; a top crypto research, analytics and media company.

He is now VP of Research at The Block, managing a team of 35. He focuses on the macro developments of Bitcoin, Ethereum and DeFi and has built up a following of around 200k on Twitter. His insights are invaluable in this time of uncertainty, and it is with great excitement I announce that he will be speaking at CowShed.

Not only will he be speaking, but he will also be holding a special data analysis masterclass, teaching you how to find valuable insights yourself.

This is not one to miss.


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