Award-winning Game Developer, Investor and Blockchain Expert

Sillytuna is a game developer at heart. Before entering into crypto he ran an international award nominated boutique game production company called Tuna for over 15 years.

Whilst running the studio, a customer requested to buy a game called Eufloria with Bitcoin. As someone who is always open to new ideas, Sillytuna took this as a queue to learn more about this strange new internet money.

At the time the price of a single Bitcoin was $9.

After doing some research, Sillytuna decided to invest when it was at $49. Over 400% more than when he started researching. Absolutely gutted…

Following this, Sillytuna soon shifted to become full-time crypto. His story is truly fascinating, and I’ll let him tell you it at CowShed, but here are the highlights.

He started an NFT startup called Ownage which he sold in 2018, before most even knew what an NFT was.

He’s been interviewed by Vitalik Buterin.

He was one of the first investors in Ethereum.

He made the 3rd highest NFT sale of 2021 via Sotheby's, when selling an alien crypto punk for $11.7 million.

He's currently co-founder of Soulcast, a customisable NFT platform, and key backer of Clodhoppers, a stop-motion animated multiplayer brawler.

On top of all this, he is a partner at Outlier Ventures, and is an early-stage investor and advisor in numerous NFT, DAO, DEFI and infrastructure projects including being one of Axie Infinity's earliest backers.

It’s fair to say, this man has a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Some may call him lucky, but anyone who has spoken to him will realise he is simply extremely open minded and is always looking for the next technological revolution. Interestingly, what excites him most from a tech point of view today, is not crypto, but something entirely different.

I won’t spoil any surprises. He’ll tell you everything at CowShed.


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