Vetle Lunde

Analyst at Arcane Research

Vetle’s crypto story starts in the most unusual of places.

As a semi-professional road cyclist during his late teens, Vetle was at Benidorm for a training camp in 2017. The focus of the camp was volume; 2 weeks of back-to-back 6-hour days of cycling. It just so happened that one of his teammates was deeply into Bitcoin and saw Vetle as the perfect compatriot to challenge intellectually. Vetle had a deep interest in financial markets and was studying an integrated masters at the Norwegian School of Economics. However, he had always dismissed Bitcoin, because quite simply, he had no need for it. Trust in the government and institutions is very high in Norway, it’s easy and fast to send money online, and there are very few without banking.

Over many tiresome hours of cycling, Vetle’s understanding of money was relentlessly challenged, and he left the training camp with a newfound appreciation of Bitcoin, and the rabbit hole was entered.

Vetle went on to focus his university thesis on the underlying dynamics driving Bitcoins price, and his research was so thorough that it ended up being cited by the SEC in the disapproval of Vaneck’s ETF filing, a bittersweet result. He then became a full-time analyst at a top digital asset research firm, ‘Arcane Research’, where he has been producing high quality analysis for the last 3 years, all key developments in the market.

He is quickly becoming a rising star in the analysis of BTC derivatives and TradFi crypto investment vehicles, and with the growth in institutional adoption and the approval of numerous futures ETF, Vetle’s insights and findings are becoming invaluable. Luckily for us, he will be speaking at CowShed, and holding a data and derivatives masterclass for those hungry to learn.


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