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Written by Denise CornellFuture You

Be nice.

Nice is bland, hollow, lazy. Nice is conforming to someone else’s expectations.

Self-reliance is a lofty goal.

To a certain degree, yes. But an overindulgence in going it alone results in a small life, small dreams.

Humility dictates you, dim your brightness.

No. Humility demands you exploit your talents in service to others.

Expertise is the best choice.

Not always. A novice doesn’t see the limits imposed by convention.

Creativity is reserved for the anointed.

We are all creative — if we allow for it.

Your first reaction is the right choice.

Or maybe it’s habit.

Fierceness and tenderness are mutually exclusive.

They are not. One intensifies the other.

I’m the only one.

You’re never the only one.

Faith eliminates doubt.

Faith and doubt are natural opposites. One cannot exist without the other.

Love conquers all.

Love saves all.

Written by
Denise Cornell
Denise Cornell is a tech marketing veteran turned marketing consultant based out of Austin, Texas. She helps entrepreneurs to get cozy with their customers. But beyond this, she writes. She writes in service to the examined life, answering the creative call and her personal philosophy of Truth Over Strategy (which is also how she runs her business).

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