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The 7 Rules of Newsletters - London Workshop

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The insights you need to understand why a newsletter works

Most people have a newsletter but because they don’t really know the rules, they meet with limited success. And eventually, they give up on it. They just didn’t know what they were doing wrong.

This course will change all that.

Once you understand these timeless 7 Rules, everything will become clear. With that clarity, you will know exactly what to do with your newsletter. And, overtime (not overnight) it will become your most important sales tool.

  • It will help you to play the long game. Because that is how you will truly win.
  • It will help you to know when to give and when to sell. And not to combine both.
  • It will help you with a knowledge system that keeps you away from busy. Working longer is not growth.
  • It will help you understand a framework of emails to launch. You will use these time and time again.

And so much more.

What will I learn?

Each rule shares an important insight into how a simple newsletter will transform your business.

  1. Give more than you take. But don’t keep score.
  2. Remember, the tortoise wins. Hmmm.
  3. Energy is a boomerang.
  4. Your job is to get them to scream at the top of their voice: THEN WHAT?
  5. You are not a river. Be straight.
  6. I am only ever going to do this one time.
  7. Planting seeds for tomorrow can’t be done tomorrow.

Who is this course for?

  • Direct to Consumer brands
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Startups who are bootstrapping it
  • Existing brands that want to grow
  • Lifestyle businesses who want to grow

Who this is course not for?

  • This workshop is for those who have a newsletter already.
  • Who want to learn how to get better, not how to start.
  • If you've never created an email campaign before, this is probably not for you.
More details

Never Underestimate What Works.

Email isn't cool. There are no launch parties for newsletters. It doesn't make the news with its billion-dollar valuations like the newer social media platforms in Silicon Valley do.

But. If you really want to grow your business, email is still number one.

"Email is the Jason Bourne of the internet. Everyone tries to kill it but they can't." - Unknown

Algorithms change. Platforms shut down. But email just keeps working.

So, how can we get good at it?

Build Your Community:

To build a community you have to show you can listen. This is the biggest mistake that most companies make. Get over this: It’s not all about you. What? Yeah, I know. Hard huh. But that’s the thing, you have to be listening. There has to be a dialogue, not just a monologue.

If you can think of a newsletter as the start of a conversation, then you will understand the importance of engaging with your community. Their engagement starts with yours.

The best companies have ears, not just a mouth.

Course benefits

Each lesson will demonstrate an important rule (WHY it works) which, if you apply it to your business, will grow your business.

But as well as the strategic gold, we will give you real-world examples of how we have done it (HOW it works).

For example:

  1. A framework of launch emails. We break each one down so you know how and why it works.
  2. How to set up your knowledge system so it works harder, not you. You don't have to be geeky, you can follow how we have done it.
  3. A framework that will help you tell your story. (Hook. Story. Close.) Simple and easy to follow.

So, with these printed out, you can follow how we did it and apply this to your newsletter.

This took us a decade to learn.

This stuff is gold.

If you are looking for value, this is it.

Your coach

Who's running it?

David Hieatt
Co-Founder of The DO Lectures and Hiut Denim
David Hieatt has built brands from nothing with next to nothing, just by understanding a few basic rules of how to sell his story. One sentence at a time. Bankrupt at 16 and thrown out of college at 18. He joined Saatchi and Saatchi at 21. Had a ball. But after a decade or so, he left advertising to go back to Wales and build his own brands. He started howies in 1995. Sold it to Timberland. Left. Started The DO Lectures, which was voted one of ...

You can’t put a price on the value that DO brings you. It’s exceptional.

Sally Wolff

Start time: 9.30am

End: 4.30pm

Included: Tea, coffee and lunch are provided.

100 attendees only

*Cancellation Policy: In case you can't attend, we will offer a full refund up to 7 days before the workshop starts. After then you will have to find someone to take your place.


Where it takes place

Cecil Sharp House
Where: 2 Regent's Park Rd, London NW1 7AY
When: TBC

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1 day
1 day
The 7 Rules of Newsletters - London Workshop
David HieattBusiness
Most people have a newsletter. But because they don’t really know the rules, they meet with limited success. This course will change all that. You will learn exactly what to do with your newsletter. And, over time (not overnight) it will become your most important sales tool...

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