Lydia Winters | How To Use Fear To Propel You Forward


Lydia Winters
How To Use Fear To Propel You Forward

Director of Fun of Mojan

DO Wales 2014
Running time: 19m 54s

Filed in: Future You


Lydia Winters started out as a teacher and then through her love of photography and film made a video about playing Minecraft even though at that point she had never played it. From her Minecraft Chic blog, she got to meet the founders of Minecraft, and they pretty much hired her on the spot. Lydia gives a very real and human talk about the insecurities and anxieties that even very successful people feel too. And how she uses those to propel her forward.

Lydia Winters is a passionate traveller, an online content producer, and the Director of Fun at Mojang. She started her YouTube channel in November of 2010 and built a 50,000 person subscriber base in less than 6 months, before taking her role as a brand gatekeeper of the Minecraft franchise. When she’s not sharing photos of her adventures on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube are her creative outlets of choice.