Tina Roth Eisenberg

Designer and Entrepreneur

"Being an entrepreneur is a truly spiritual journey."

An epic design maven who creates fascinating cultures and conversations.

Growing up in a small town in Switzerland, she was heavily influenced by renowned Swiss design and even more so during her studies in Geneva and Munich, before eventually crossing the Atlantic and settling down in New York.

Her love for design and making led to her create multiple passion projects turned businesses including things like CreativeMornings, a monthly global lecture series. TeuxDeux, a handy to-do app which she co-created, Tattly a design led temporary tattoo shop and a Brooklyn based co-working space she founded and runs called FRIENDS.

Probably Eisenberg’s biggest project to date is her design blog swissmiss, which she launched in 2005 as a personal visual archive but now racks over a million unique monthly visitors and is known globally throughout the design community.


You Have To Notice When The Universe Is Cheering You On
Tina Roth EisenbergCreativity
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