Ben Edmonds

Founder of Blok Knives

“If you really want to do something and you surround yourself with the right people, you take on the right advice, you’re just open and you just go for it. Anything is possible.”

Ben Edmonds is the chap behind Blok Knives.

A designer in a previous life, his passion for the craft has built what started as a side project, into the UK’s premium manufacturer of meticulously hand-made kitchen knives.

Based in the heart of Derbyshire, Ben designs knives for the working chef or the budding home cook. All the materials used (whenever possible) are supplied by British manufactures—from the packaging to the heat treatment, it's all local.


Inside The Mind Of A Maker
Ben EdmondsCreativity
Ben has always been fascinated by making, building and dismantling things; every now and again he’d find himself watching random videos of people doing the same. After watching a video of a young lad making a knife in his dad’s garage, he found his n...

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