Mara Abrams

Founder The Flow Collective

"You have to push yourself just beyond what you thought you were capable of."

Mara is a social innovator and entrepreneur. She has led historic incubators and innovation workshops as far away as Cuba and Myanmar, as well as at home in Portland, OR.

Previously, Mara served as Global Partnerships Manager for Nike Foundation’s Innovation team, working on breakthrough approaches to serving adolescent girls living in poverty.

Mara was first introduced to the Nike Foundation during the inaugural Do Lectures USA, where she was a Bloomberg Businessweek Innovation Fellow. At the time she was working to train and support citizen journalists and young filmmakers in conflict, post-conflict, and underreported regions.


Go with the Flow
Mara AbramsBusiness
We hear from social innovator and entrepreneur, Mara Abrams, on her ambition to redefine the culture of entrepreneurship by creating the space for groups to find their flow, together. And shares valuable advice on how we might find our flow too. Wha...
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