Idea Off.

Written by Mike NicholsonCreativity

Breaking the cycle of work, leads to better work.

Everyday most folk arrive with a coffee and turn on their computers.

Headphones in.

Email up.

Then answered or ignored.

A few ‘pings’ later and an hour’s gone by.

Still no thinking done.

No briefs cracked.

At AMV, Sean Doyle and Dave Dye taught me various techniques for thinking and creating ideas.

My favourite was their idea-off. Both of them would draw 30 rectangles on their pads.

Then fill in as many rectangles with a different idea, for their current brief, as they could in 5 minutes.

It was amazing to watch. And sickening to see them fill most of the squares with world class ideas. So next time you arrive at your desk.

Keep walking to the printer and get some paper. It’s the white stuff that the printer prints ink onto.

Get a pen.

Sit somewhere new.

Draw your rectangles…

And let you imagination run wild.

I bet you’ll create more in 5 minutes, than most folks do in a morning.

Written by
Mike Nicholson
Mike brings almost 25 years of experience from the world of digital, design, branding, marketing and advertising. Previously he was the Executive Creative Director at Brave, The&Partnership and Toaster (Google Creative Lab's partner). As a creative Mike has also worked at AMV BBDO, TBWA, Google Creative Lab, Wieden + Kennedy and Adam and EVE DDB. He was named the number 1 English Creative in The GUNN Report 2009 and was the youngest member of ...

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