Making Sure Your Tone Of Voice Gets Heard.

Written by Mike NicholsonCreativity

As Paul Arden once said:

‘Your vision is your most important thing.’

As children, we are all born with an amazing sense of wonder.

A unique perspective on how we see the world.

Our very own tone of voice.

Then society and education erode it.

Nurture pollutes nature.

Moulding it into something familiar that fits in.

My daughters had it when they were young.

Often performing spontaneous plays that became my fondest memories.

And as a parent, I still constantly strive to make sure they keep it.

I know Michel Gondry made sure his kid didn’t have computer games or the internet during his childhood. Just real craft materials, space and time to play.

I always try to hire teams that have that unique tone in their work.

That have worked at places where it is encouraged, not suppressed.

Then I constantly tell my teams to rediscover that child like sense of wonder and put it into their work.

Write like a toddler.

Express how they see it.

Behave like an artist in a studio with nothing to prove and no one judging them.

Just pure expressionism.

Creating work that they feel.

That provides a fresh and unique perspective.

That’ll make brands stand out.

That get liked and shared.

That’s simple, relevant and original.

So focus on being a kid again.

Happy regressing.

Written by
Mike Nicholson
Mike brings almost 25 years of experience from the world of digital, design, branding, marketing and advertising. Previously he was the Executive Creative Director at Brave, The&Partnership and Toaster (Google Creative Lab's partner). As a creative Mike has also worked at AMV BBDO, TBWA, Google Creative Lab, Wieden + Kennedy and Adam and EVE DDB. He was named the number 1 English Creative in The GUNN Report 2009 and was the youngest member of ...

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