How To Build A Great Brand With Very Little Money

How To Build A Great Brand With Very Little Money


Course insight

The best brands seek to change something. 

They ask a good question and seek to provide a better answer. 

The world needs more human brands right now. 

This is an online resource to try and help with that.  

We will take you through a set of principles to make you unstoppable.  

Once you fully grasp them, apply them with both creativity and discipline, momentum will follow.  

It will help you with strategy. Direction is more important than speed.
It will help you with building a team. Radical honesty really does create trust. 
It will help you manage your time. Honestly, email is not a to-do list.
It will help you with looking after you. Businesses are very good at running you. 

And it will help you with so much more. 

We have made over 100 films for this course. There are exercises to give you clarity. A super useful resources section. Plus the course is yours for a lifetime.

So if you are thinking of starting your own brand, or if you already have one, think of this online course as your mentor on your journey.  

Meet your coach, David Hieatt.

David Hieatt joined Saatchi and Saatchi at 21 years old. After a decade or so, he left advertising to build his own brands. He has built brands from nothing with next to nothing just by understanding a few basic rules of how to sell his story. Without a big marketing budget, he learned to build his brands. One sentence at a time.

DO Purpose.
DO Open.


Course Benefits

  • Instant full access to the course.
  • 5+ hours of video lessons during the course.
  • Actions and exercises throughout.
  • A full list of our brand-building tools.
  • Lifetime access to the course.


Course Outline

Introduction - Get to know us, and get to know you.
Module 0 - Learn the Fundamentals that make up your brand.
Module 1 - Learn how to use Love to build your brand.
Module 2 - Learn how to tell your Story so the world listens.
Module 3 - Learn how to cultivate Purpose in your brand.
Module 4 - Learn how to come up with Ideas that build your brand.
Module 5 - Learn how to build a Culture that will attract the right people to your brand.
Module 6 - Learn how to look after You, so you can look after your brand.
Module 7 - Learn how to build a Community that will build your brand.
Q&A - Here we'll answer some burning questions.

What will I learn?

  • How to tell your story.
  • How to give your brand a voice.
  • How to get people to love your brand.
  • The importance of 1000 true fans.
  • The real advantages of being small.
  • If your idea is going to change anything.
  • How to put a moat around your idea.
  • How to build a great team without employing anyone.


Who this is for?

  • Founders.
  • Marketers.
  • Freelancers.
  • Creative and digital agencies.
  • Those who want to take their side project PRO.



“It’s inspired and challenged me in a very good way. It really came at the perfect time for our journey. Thank you. David Hieatt is the man who proved to a world full of shallow brands the benefits of having a real purpose. There is no greater expert on the matter.”

Richard Reed, Co-founder Innocent Drinks

"Thank you for putting such a brilliant course together. There was so much valuable information in there!” 
Past attendee

"I’ve been to your one-day workshop which I absolutely loved, but I didn’t really have time to process it all. It feels like there was far more in this online course than you’d ever be able to get across in a one-day session, and it’s been enormously useful being able to refer back to the course content and exercises online.
Past attendee

“Great to hear it straight from someone who has been there and done it, without the need for management speak and jargon. Just straightforward pearls of wisdom and the benefit of experience.”
Trevor Cairns

"David was the man who gave business 'purpose'. And defined it. Sadly lots of big companies paid bad consultants to change their mission statements into purpose statements and 90% got it totally wrong. David is a genius and man ahead of his time. Most of all he gets ethics. A true inspiration."
Chris J Arnold

“Taking this course has caused me to think deeply about what we are doing and why. It’s allowed me to better understand and articulate my passion….It’s had me thinking about what kind of an organisation and brand I want to build and how I want to use it and really love it as we move forward.I’ve reconnected and am currently rewriting our real story and purpose. I feel more passionate than ever about what we are doing and why, and I feel motivated and empowered to make changes in the ways we are working and how we will connect with our community and customers. Perhaps most importantly, I have a reignited optimism and energy for the future of the business and what kind of an organisation I want us to be.”
Reece Wood


1. When will I have access to the course?

Straight away. You can choose to take it step by step or dive straight in and do it all in one go.

2. I already have a brand. Is this for me?
If you already have your own brand or are thinking of starting one, think of this online course as your mentor on your journey.

3. Is this course mine for life?

4. I’ve tried starting my own brand before and it hasn’t worked. Is it worth me trying this?
Definitely. David describes himself as ‘the guy who builds brands with no marketing budget’. We want you to learn from the best. 

5. I don’t even know what my brand is but I want to build one. Is this course for me?
Yes. This course will help focus your mind on where your values lie and what you believe makes a good brand. It will give you direction and steer you towards finding what that brand may be.

6. How do I know if this course will be right for me? 
Good question. And honestly, it's not for everyone.

If you want to find out how to do a logo, it's not for you. If you want to find out how to make your brand have meaning to your customers, it is for you.

If you want to scale from £10million to £100 million, this is not for you.

Of course, it is always difficult to say with certainty that it is absolutely for you but that is why we offer an ironclad guarantee of 100% money back within 30 days of purchase.

7. Is this just for cool brands?

The brands we think are cool are the ones that make change happen. The purpose-driven ones. This course will be helpful to those. 100%. For brands with no real strong reason to exist, it won't be helpful.

8. What happens if I am not technologically  minded?

It's ok! Once you have your password and login, it's just a matter of click and play.

9. I’d like my team to do this course. 

Great - spread the love! Drop us an email on and we’ll work something out. 


30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

If for some reason it’s not everything you expected, let us know within 30 days of purchase and we’ll refund you every penny. No questions asked.