Faisel Rahman

Why Britain Needs Micro Lending

Faisel Rahman has a background in international development focusing on the microfinance sector. In 2000 he joined The Environment Trust in East London, where he developed a peer lending microcredit programme and an innovative and sustainable debt advice service.

In 2005 he founded Fair Finance on an egg credit card to revolutionise financial services and make them more inclusive and fair for everyone.

Faisel is a board member of the Debt On Our Doorstep Campaign and European Microfinance Network. He writes a monthly column in the Guardian on financial exclusion.


Why Britain Needs Micro Lending
Faisel RahmanBusiness
Faisel started his company on an egg credit card. His work has since helped hundreds of women create businesses and saved many hundred more from eviction. Inspiring talk: Why Britain needs micro-lending just as much as any other country.
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