Nick Hounsfield

Founder of The Wave & One Blue World

How do we connect people and planetary health? Can we inspire a love for the ocean habitats in those geographically / economically / culturally cut off from it?

What if the benefits of ‘blue health’ could be shared with a more diverse audience?

These were questions that got Nick Hounsfield dreaming big 12 years ago. He wanted to bring the health and wellbeing benefits of water and waves inland, so that people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities could access it more easily. Instigated by the sudden death of his father, Nick decided to stop dreaming and to make this vision a reality. He went from an osteopath with £500, to raising £30M and creating a world-first surfing destination in a field in Bristol, UK. The Wave opened in late 2019 (just before the pandemic) and has ridden out a tricky few years – but it is delivering on Nick’s vision to be a triple-bottom-line business with blue health for all at its heart.

His story is one of vision, optimism and a bucket-load of resilience - he even overcame a major stroke in early 2020 which took away his ability to speak. He is driven by the belief that the health benefits of water and surfing should be accessible to all. He also believes that planetary health and human health are inextricably linked - and if we get more people to connect with blue spaces then they will feel compelled to protect them.


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