Scott Colton

Professional Independent Wrestler and Comedian

“I'm not larger than life. I’m just a guy. I don't want you to be my customers, I want you to be my supporters.”

Scott Colton, or better known by his ring name, Colt Cabana, is an American professional wrestler and podcast host of the much loved and successful ‘The Art of Wrestling’.

For 20 years, Colt has been entertaining crowds around the world with his charismatic, funny and equally gifted mat skills.

Colt currently travels the world as a proud alternative and independent performer, reminding the world that you don’t have to fit the mould. But better to break it, be unique and stand out from the crowd.


Half Artist And Half Business
Scott ColtonBusiness
All Scott has ever wanted to do was be a professional wrestler. He thought he had landed his dream job at WWE, but being fired from there that was perhaps the best thing that ever happened to him. This is a story of how he carved out his niche in the...
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