5 Steps To Start Your Side Project.


Where To Start.

Some of us are waiting for an old bearded guy in a cloak to send us on the quest of our lives. But more often than not, that doesn’t happen.

So we’re left to make a map of our own. If you’re having trouble planning your first-steps or locking down the right project, try these 5 steps to starting your side project, curated by start-up mentor Christian Stenta.

1. Brainstorm

Remember all those careers you’ve thought about chasing, or that one job your friend said you’d be great at? Positive psychology calls these ‘possible selves’, but if that’s a little woo-woo for you just think of them as ideas you’d like to try out.

2. Test

Think of an experiment. What sort of side project could you do to test out this idea? Come up with at least one option for each possibility.

3. Break

Find new people to talk to. Break out of your normal circles. Go to workshops, meet-up groups and talks. Grab coffee with someone that knows the ins and outs of the industry. Come up with at least one option for each project.

4. Act

Take action. Start your first project and see how it goes. Remember, this is only a test.

5. Reflect

How’d it go? Evaluate and either continue, tweak or move on. Consult the chart on the next page if you feel stuck.

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