A Brief History Of The Way.

Written by Andō McDonnellFuture You

Back in 2000, I might have been mistaken for a university lecturer and course director (Multimedia M.Sc.), studying for an art and design Ph.D.

Leaving all that behind, as it was swept away by the tsunami of an acute illness that became a chronic illness, I found myself simplifying.

Until all that was left was Zen, poetry, words and white space.

The past 10 years, I have travelled as a nomad, connecting the dots as they appeared under my feet.

Sitting zazen in forests, qigong by lakes, climbing and running down mountains, in England, Wales, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece.

Letting the birds, wind, snow and mountains write their own poetry, simply serving as pencil and paper.

Nothing is ever missing, nothing is ever broken, nothing is.

No need to let go, no need to hold on, no need.

This is the way.

Written by
Andō McDonnell
Poet and writer.
Ando is a talented and active writer - a woman who spent many years living in deep retreat from the world. Her poems are about silence, stillness, the research of inner peace, and the human relationship with nature. She shows us that a journey of self-discovery can be described with just a few words at a time: and the result can be beautiful and intimate poetry.

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