Choice Is The Indicator.

Written by Tony BroadbentFuture You

No kidding. No fooling.

What you choose:

To do

To think

To eat

To wear

To read

To listen to

To talk about

To think about

To argue about

To spend time doing…

Or looking at

Or playing at

Or rubbishing

Or criticising

With someone else

Or in a group

Or even by yourself — before venturing out into the world again.

Wherever it is you’ve chosen to spend your time

Whatever it is you’ve chosen to spend your time on

Or whomever it is you’ve chosen to spend your time with

Gives a clear indicator to others as to who and what you are

Or who and what you think you are.

If anyone’s bothering to pay any attention to you — that is

But let’s — for now — just assume they are.

Because the choices you make in life

Is how people measure you — gauge you — mark you.

It’s a bellwether — a herald — a promise of what is and what’s to come.

It gives people a hint to your potential — as friend or foe — as lover or spouse — as business partner or colleague — as employer or employee.

Mind you — there’s really no right or wrong in any or all of this.

No. It’s simply that the very idea of ‘choice’ and the choices you’ve made — or not made — is well worth you thinking about every now and then.

You — ‘taking stock’ — of you — as it were.

There’s an old saw that fits here nicely: “As a bird is known by its song so is a man or a woman by their conversation.”

So — yes — you really do become what you think about. Because what you think about is invariably what you talk about. And what you talk about either draws people to you or pushes them away — opens them up or closes them down. Adds to them. Or detracts from them.

Just as happens to you — when people talk to you. You either feel more uplifted or more deflated — more energised or more exhausted.

Or you may simply feel ambivalent about your experience — which should tell you something about who it is you’ve been talking to — or you, yourself.

And as for you looking at other people and determining the result of the choices they’ve made. It’s always good to be sure you actually see what it is you’re looking at.

To quote the immortal Sherlock Holmes: “The trouble is, my dear Watson, you look, but you do not see.”

All of which is to say that if, as, and when you do try to look at someone — and the result of the choices they’ve made — it might be good to remember these words to the wise: “What’s on the outside is always on the inside. But what’s on the inside isn’t necessarily always on the outside.”

Just always beware of what it is you choose to buy into.

Caveat emptor.

One last thought about what you choose to let become your ‘Hot Buttons’.

Those ‘Hot Buttons’ you’ve so carefully chosen to festoon yourself with — all just ready and waiting for people to push mindlessly or purposefully — be it for your benefit or theirs.

For if indeed it’s true that — ‘You are what you eat’ — it also follows — ‘You are what’s eating you’. Whatever it is you’ve let get at you — eat at you — gnaw away at you.

So just a little suggestion here — that hopefully you’re open to. Just be extra, extra careful what it is you choose to open yourself up to. Be it thoughts—ideas — people — emotions. Other people’s emotions — most especially — as you never know where they’ve been.

Because. There. Go. You.

The proverbial law of the jungle — ‘Eat or be eaten’.

Or as the very witty when young Woody Allen once put it: “The Universe? It’s just one big restaurant — where everything’s always gobbling up everything else.”

All and everything more food for thought hopefully.

But as ever the choice is yours.

Think on. DO.

Written by
Tony Broadbent
Writer. Author. Designer. Illustrator. Idea-tor. ReThinker. BABE (Bay Area Beatles Expert). Tony Broadbent was an art student in London in the late Sixties. He then worked as a copywriter and creative director at some of the best advertising agencies in London, New York, and San Francisco, before opening his own agency. He's now a consulting brand strategist, planner, and ideator for clients in the U.S. and Europe.

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