Give When You Can, Give When You Can’t.


Give because it makes you feel good. Give because you can. But the best giving is when you do so without expecting a return. But know this, givers get lucky. Put your trust in that. Trust in the remarkableness of the human spirit.

Being human is a strategy.

Say happy Monday. Ask how are you? How was the week? Not everything has to be a transaction. Be human. Not a brand. The best relationships and the longest lasting are where value is given freely with no expectation of a return.

Listening is a strategy.

The person at the dinner party who only talks about himself never gets invited back. We have all been there. That guest who spends hours talking about themselves. They are on transmit. And you have no choice but to be on receive. And when you call them a taxi, you make a mental note not to invite them back again. Giving is a long-term strategy. That’s why so few adopt it.

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