How Social Entrepreneurs Can Help The Environment.

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Are you wondering what social entrepreneurs can do to preserve the environment while helping the underprivileged sectors of society at the same time?

Social entrepreneurship goes beyond philanthropy. Harnessing the entrepreneurial spirit, it encourages the development of profitable solutions and sustainable efforts for different social issues. Social entrepreneurship is more than just giving and receiving. It issues a challenge that, if met, could give hope, continually support, and turn around and improve the lives of the recipients.

In this regard, social entrepreneurs give away more than just financial resources. They devote their time and effort to help build relationships, create connections, and impart skills, knowledge, and strategies.

This places social entrepreneurs in the right position to address environmental issues that continue to plague our planet. They have the capacity to fund ventures that could look into particular environmental problems and assign the execution to organizations that help those who belong to the disadvantaged groups in the society.

Below are some initiatives by social entrepreneurs in helping society and the environment.

  1. Without any experience when he embarked on his social entrepreneurship journey, Teju Ravilochan founded Unreasonable Institute aimed at solving the world’s different problems from poverty to providing clean water to different communities.Ravilochan and his co-founders brought together the best minds and best capital partners to put up an institute that has currently helped 148 startups.

  2. At 24 years old, Tsechu Dolma has helped her native Tibet in addressing poverty and food insecurity issues common in the mountain communities of her country. Part of their work is to get communities ready to confront the challenges brought about by climate change.

  3. MyShelter Foundation and Liter of Light were founded by model-turned-social entrepreneur Illac Diaz from the Philippines. Liter of Light, in particular, has successfully provided light to communities with no access to electricity with just the use of recycled softdrinks and water bottles filled with water and bleach. The Foundation has now expanded to more than 12 countries, and Diaz has since be recognized as one of Asia’s Game Changers of the year for 2014.

  4. Up Top Acres has turned rooftops in Washington DC into urban farms that has since produced 60,000 pounds of food delivered to restaurants and other members of the community.

  5. Galen Welsch founded Jibu together with his father way back in 2012. Their company educated, trained, and financed communities in Rwanda, Uganda, and Kenya to make potable water in these areas. Their initiative has employed more than 400 people and has made over 13 million gallons of potable water for communities.

Social entrepreneurship is an essential part of building the society. Without social entrepreneurs, assistance and education to solve pressing problems that affect the whole community would not gain traction, and solutions will be farther off from the reach of the disadvantaged sectors of society.

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