Lou Luddington

Ocean and Nature Photographer

Lou is a nature photographer and writer with a PhD in marine biology, aiming to provide a voice for the natural world through powerful images and writing.

Her main focus is on coastal and marine environments and in November 2019 her book “Wondrous British Marine Life: a handbook for coastal explorers” was published by Pesda Press. She is also a columnist for Oceanographic Magazine, where she gets to shout out on behalf of marine life to an international community of ocean enthusiasts.

After 19 blissful years living in Solva, Pembrokeshire with her husband, she sold up and moved aboard their 35 ft sailing yacht Noctiluca. They named their boat after the bioluminescent plankton that lights up the ocean on dark nights (Noctiluca means night light), as they plan to be ‘a light at sea’, documenting and championing the marine environment through photography, video and writing.


A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words.
Lou LuddingtonCreativity
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