Richard Askwith

Author, Journalist and Fell Runner

"To get the most possible pleasure out of fell running you have to try it yourself. It's really about the heroism that you can find within yourself if you give something a go."

Richard Askwith is a Northamptonshire-based journalist and author whose passions include running, outdoor adventure and the traditions and ordinary people of the English countryside.

His life was changed by a mid-life encounter with the unforgiving northern sport of fell-running. A decade-and-a-half of running, stumbling, shivering and getting lost in Britain’s wildest mountains provided the raw material for his best-selling book, 'Feet in the Clouds'.

He is also the author of such titles as ‘Unbreakable: the Countess, the Nazis and the World’s Most Dangerous Horse-race’, ‘Running Free: A Runner’s Journey Back to Nature’ and ‘The Lost Village: In Search of a Forgotten Rural England’.


Why Going Down Mountains Is Harder Than Going Up
Richard AskwithAdventure
Why would a 13-stone man with weak ankles take up fell running, and what does it take to run up mountains for fun? Richard Askwith is a desk-bound southern journalist – based in Northamptonshire – whose life was changed by a mid-life encounter with...
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