Reasons Why Happy Feet Make A Happy Runner.


Modern-day footwear can wreak havoc on the feet and even more on alignment, hips, ankles, knees, and back.

If your shoes are constricting your toes, you have high chances of experiencing heel strike and joint stress. Numbers for hip and knee replacements are significantly on the rise. Blisters, bunions, nerve damage, and arthritis all surround the dark side of wearing modern footwear. Past the glamour of the perfect running shoe, there has been one recent and not so recent idea gaining momentum. Running barefoot.

Studies have shown that barefoot runners are likely to have fewer musculoskeletal injuries. They were shown to have a further range of motion in the foot, and more distribution developed from flexing, spreading and gripping the surface of whatever ground they were on. There are between 100,000 and 200,000 receptors in the foot that signal to your brain the adjustments that need to be made to protect bones, joints, as well as make you a more efficient traveller. Modern shoes are suspected to interrupt this natural brain-to- body process.

The verdict is still out, but it seems the surplus in footwear studies keep backing up a transition to a more natural and instinctive footwear approach.
Now, to make toed running shoes as sleek as modern footwear.

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