How A 7 Minute App Can Change Your Life.


If you ask people, and we have, why they aren’t they fit, it isn’t the lack of desire. They know it is important. They get it. To look after our family, to look after our business, our career, we need to be physically fit.

We are too busy looking others, to look after ourselves. But maybe we need to learn from the airline industry: Put the oxygen mask on ourselves first. To look after others you have to look after yourself.

We all take out an insurance policy against getting ill, but the best insurance of all is prevention. Exercise is the best form prevention. Combine that with a great diet and you are looking after yourself. And, that’s good because you need to look after lots of people. But the one I hear more than any other for the reason not to exercise is this: time.

We don’t have time to look after ourselves. We are too busy to look after ourselves. So, if time is the barrier, how do we reframe that? How much time do we need to find each day to make a difference?

For example, there is a seven-minute workout that is available as an app. It is the equivalent of one hour of exercise. So, can you spare seven minutes? And what if you did that every day? If you want to be strong in the mind, you need to be strong in the body. You will have to form the habit to make your default to be that you make your body stronger, agiler, leaner each day.

Here is the simple rule, it doesn’t have to be a big thing, but it does have to be an everyday thing.

A daily practice that becomes your habit. A tiny habit that becomes a regular thing will do more for you than an occasional big thing.

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