How To Become An Optimist About Money?

Future You

Our relationship with money isn’t always healthy. If we are paid a lot, we tend to spend to that new level. We often think, we need to work crazy hard to make money, and yet if we look at when we made the most money, it was a small moment of inspiration.

If we are going to argue with our loved ones, there is more chance it will be about money than any other single thing. Money is the biggest cause of stress for people than any other thing.

And yet, we continue in these beliefs. To become rich, we need to earn a high income. But the truth is this: high incomes also come with high expenditure. Isn’t that a truth?

Selling time can and does indeed help you earn a high income. But you are selling time. Your most limited resource. And time doesn’t scale. Is that a truth?

We often bring a scarcity mindset to a situation when a mindset of abundance is needed. We tell ourselves that money is too tight to mention, and money doesn’t grow on trees, and low and behold those words become our beliefs.

So we have to start telling ourselves a different story. And overtime, you will notice things get better for you.

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