How Do You Do The Best Work You Have Ever Done?

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This is the question we are here to answer in a series of blog posts. But before we look for some answers, let’s just spend some time with the question. If we are being truthful, it is a question we have asked ourselves.

Master you.

There are two fears attached to this question. One, what if I will never do it? Two, what if I have already done it? They are good questions. But, we are not here to answer them. We are here to explore what you have to allow it to happen.

To master ourselves there are three strengths that we need to gain. They are the pillars for self-mastery. Unless we learn to master them, we will not do our best work.

For a change to happen, we need to change first.

Imagine a stool that has three legs. Each leg needs to be of equal length and strength for it to be able to support someone. This is a metaphor for our lives. For us to sit down to do our best work, these three pillars need to be there to support us.

So, we can think about the problem that we are trying to solve in front of us. And not the problem beneath us.

3 pillars of strength.

  1. Emotional Fitness.
  2. Physical Fitness.
  3. Financial Fitness.

Yes, for change to happen, we need to change first. We have to learn to become master of ourselves. For our businesses to grow, we have to grow.

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