Nicky Spinks

Farmer and Fell Runner

“Break it down into small enough chunks.”

Nicky Spinks is a Farmer and British long-distance fell runner who set the women's records for each of the major challenges - The Ramsey Round, Paddy Buckley Round and The Bob Graham Round.

She held the women's records for all three Rounds simultaneously until 2016, and is the holder of the overall record for the double Bob Graham Round and the only person ever to complete doubles of the other two Rounds.

The inspirational story of Nicky’s incredible life has been told in a new film called ‘Run Forever’.

Born in London, she moved to the Peak District while still a child. She is now a farmer in Yorkshire.


Making The Most Of Life
Nicky SpinksAdventure
The inspirational Nicky Spinks talks about her life experiences and how she came to make fell running history by becoming the fastest person to run a Double Bob Graham Round. The story of Nicky’s incredible life has been told in a film called ‘Run Fo...
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