The Most Powerful Words In The Human Existence.

Written by Kacie McGearyCreativity

I used to fear it.
Feel shame over it.
Dwell in it.
Attempt to move past it.
Sink when it left lips.
But now I see the whole of it.
Not just a side-streaking swirl.
Taking longer looks.
In the overarching string of it.
The beauty of all the best pictures, puzzles.
A presence in everything worth anything.

I don’t know.

To be unsure is to hold witchcraft.
The force that causes you to stumble to new places.
Walk with hands out.
Search, fumble, find, flecks of panic.
Clicking secrets of change to the shedding of what was once.
The phrase that makes you flounder.
Squirm to the drop.
Flipped stomach to reached marks.
Beyond banks of breath.
To step stretches of new monsters.
And fall till feet are found again.

I don’t know.

The ones with answers are liars.
Bodies that sit still to avoid riddle.
But whispered in scatters.
A secret holds shoulders.
Nobody knows what they’re doing.
Throwing thoughts through top windows.
Igniting exploration.
Allowing for anything.
Endless movement.
To realize what’s clutched.
The most powerful words in the human existence.

I don’t know.

Written by
Kacie McGeary
Hailing from the foothills of Northern California, Kacie is a freelance writer & editor. Travelling the world to work on publications that focus on creativity and community.

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