Humble Beginnings.

Written by Kacie McGearyCreativity

Beginnings are tricky bastards.

I’ve never quite liked them.

There’s so much pressure — too many obstacles, questions, and people to face.

Why? How? What?

It’s a fucking nightmare.

But the truth is, the bit that you often think is the beginning isn’t actually the beginning. Confusing, I know.

But it’s the reality of the situation.

Beginnings are a long-time coming in the creative realm because they have kind of a lot to do with your mind.

And I’d be willing to bet that yours has been turning for quite a while. Long before you put something on paper.

Although getting something down solidifies it and makes it seem all that more real, our brains were mulling far before. Inspiration caught us ages ago. We’ve been collecting pieces of it for weeks — and some of us, even our entire lives.

So this beginning that we’re so afraid of? Yeah, it’s more like the middle. You’ve already done the beginning. The hard part. The idea. Now you just have to trust your gut to get it done.

To be honest, acting on it is kind of the easy part.

The part where your passions get to leave your body and enter the world. The act of expression — that’s what art is, isn’t it?

What’s that phrase, ‘Do not despise humble beginnings?’

Well, do not despise the beauty of the action, whatever form it takes.

The beginning *was *humble; you didn’t even see it sneak in. The beginning was also beautiful, and I don’t think such a beautiful idea would have been wasted on you. Do you?

Good luck with the middle, you’ll do just fine.

Written by
Kacie McGeary
Hailing from the foothills of Northern California, Kacie is a freelance writer & editor. Travelling the world to work on publications that focus on creativity and community.

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